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Amy is a fun loving carni with a bad habit of using men to get what she wants. Her official job as carnival acrobat takes her all over the world exploring new sites and new ways to get men to buy her what she wants. Amy finds herself in all manner of trouble but always seems to find a way out.

Cardinal Cossa
Cossa is a Godly man who has dedicated himself to the church. Dropped of on the doorsteps of an orphanage and raised by nuns Cossa has risen up the ranks of the church to become one of the top contenders for the Popacy. Known for his leadership abilities Cossa was recently assigned to find the cursed artifacts stolen from The Reliquary Malus in the city of Conical. Cossa quickly sent out teams to the four corners of the continent and immediately started getting results. Some say that Cossas success will guarantee his rise to the Holiest of Holies on earth.

Darius Hohen
Darius is the next in line to inherit the Crown and rule over the Pail Lands. One of the infamous Hohen triplets Darius and his brothers Radu, and Stelian have been shrinking from their royal duties to pursue glory in the Golem fights. The brothers have been known too cheat from time to time even getting banded from competition for long stints of time. Their lack of commitment to their country has been eating at their father King Vlachos and rumor has it that Vlachos has even exiled his sons in a recent fit of rage. Darius is a devious creature with a gift for strategy and not someone to be lightly crossed.

Gold Masked Demon
This mysterious figure seemed to be the brains behind the Conical Artifact hest where cursed items where released back into the world. His group of co conspirators included the diabolic race known as Imps and a large beast of a man that murdered the high alchemist Herbert. What the demon hoped to accomplish has not yet been discerned but a general feeling of dread surrounds the entire incident.

Greg is a young man filled with mystery. Women have been known to lose themselves in his eyes. Friends of Greg swear by his swordsmanship skills although few people have seen him stir in recent times much less wield a sword.

Father Hayes and crew
Father Hayes and his assistants where send out by the church to help track down the stolen Artifacts of Conical. Their talked about in whispers and although friendly they keep their missions to themselves. The Twin girls Emily and Anita have been know to give more than one person the creeps as the space they occupy takes on an unnatural feeling. The Hunchback Gakun Studded in the far east and is a master of alchemies seldom seen on the main lands.

Katharine Hohen
Katharine is the eldest daughter of King Vlachos and younger sister to the Hohen triples. Kat was always a smart girl and favored by King Vlachos. She is known for a higher degree of honor than her countrymen are usually due. Rumor has it that since Darius has fallen out of favor with his father that Katharine has become her King Father's right hand lady.

King Meha
King Meha is the ruler of a band of Orcs run off their ancestral islands by a band of Unsealy elves. King Meha has no answer for the bizzare magics the Elves wield and seeks help abroad. While not evil by nature King Meha and his followers are willing to make a deal with the devil himself to reclaim their island homes.

King Vlachos Hohen
Ruler of the Pail Lands for generations the Hohen family use ancient Necromantic Arts to extend both life and power. Counsel is taken from Kings long dead and life in the Pail Lands would be considered a nightmare to outsiders. Besides the troubles of ruling a country filled with the unseemly King Vlachos must deal with family turmoils and sons who have never grown up. His only respite is his daughter Katharine who has been the one ray of light in his dark world.

Madame Solarios
Mother to an entire Gypsie clan, Solarios is the go to woman when things need to get done. From love potion to death curses Solarios's band of miscreants are their to provide… for a nominal fee of course. Solarios's effectiveness has brought her away from the traveling shows and pulled her into the upper echelon of criminals. Solarios runs with a more influential crowd thes days and most are not looking for love potions.

Matris a a creature of speed and strength. Part of the group that stole the Conical Artifacts, witnesses say that something so big should never be able to move so fast. The church has put out a reward on this beast head for killing the high alchemist Herbert but few who hear of his physical prowless go through with hunting this beast.

Paladin Michel
Powerful, Pious, and Shiny. Michel is the perfect example of what a Paladin should be. Raised by monks after his village was destroyed by a Demon Michel has dedicated his life to being the church's sword. Michel may be laughed at for his zeal but he always gets the job done. Michel was the only person to actually slay a demon at the Conical Raid.

Puppet Sphere
One of the cursed artifacts that was stolen from Conical, the Puppet Sphere is known as the army builder. It has the power to animate and control objects by imbuing them with a false soul. The Puppet Sphere was the first artifact returned to the church by Simon's ragtag group of adventurers.

After falling out of favor with her adopted family, Radca fled from her Gypsy mother to find her own path. Blessed with the ability to channel magic without the use of reagents Radka is a true Sorceress and takes her powers for granted. Radca unofficially joined Simons team looking for cursed artifacts at the request of Tanner Benevil. Tanner and Radca have some type of history which seems to surface at inopportune times. Radca spends her days trying to get Simon into shape so he is not killed before their quest reaches fruition.

Radue Hohen
One of the Hohen triplets, Radue prides himself on his knowledge of exotic poisons. Master of the spear, Raduse tall and slender frame deceives a warrior that can stand against the best. Radues weakness for Golem fighting has led him around the world with his brothers seeking entertainment and glory. Unfortunately this puts him at odds with his father King Vlachos.

Robert and Simon are childhood friends so when Simon was sent on his mission to reclaim the cursed artifacts of Conical it was no surprise that Robert jumped on aboard. An artist by trade, Robert traveled the world painting while Simon was at school. When Simon was given the job as head archivist in Conical Robert applied to be the church illuminator. Robert had been suffering from terrible migraines and had been seeing Alchemist Herbet before his unfortunate demise. To this day Roberts memory of the night Conical's artifacts where stolen is a little hazy and he fears the good alchemist may have done more than remove a headache.

Seaga was known as the wild man from the dark lands and traveled the carnival circuits for years. Well read and intelligent, Seaga loathes the fact that no one takes him seriously. Pining after the love of his fellow performer Amy, Seaga has fallen deeper and deeper into despair. Seaga desperately looks for a way to make people show him the respect he deserves.

Simon is a nice, hardworking guy. Studying hard he became a church archivist and moved right to the top. Simons exciting work consisted of classifying cursed artifacts and making sure the where properly secured. Every part of Simon's life was planed out and executed to perfection, that is until the night he was knocked out cold and his key was used to rob the church Reliquary. Charged with finding the cursed artifacts stolen under his protection Simon is a scholar forced to be much more. Simon travels with his childhood friend Robert, the unruly Paladin Tanner, the alluring Gypsie Radca, and the mysterious boy Greg.

Stelian Hohen
The largest of the Hohen triplets, Stelian prefers to use his muscles to get his point across. While not the brightest of people Stelian works out relentlessly and is the master of many heavy bladed weapons. Traveling with his brothers Stelian induges his love of battle by competing in tough man competitions while his brothers repair for the Golem fights.

Tanner Benevil
Hailing from a long history, the Benevil family is it's own unique line of Paladins. Many say that the centuries of hunting down the undead have turned the Benevils into monsters themselves. The only thing that keeps the evil that flows through their veins in check is the unruly but strong faith in their hearts. Most take the Benevils for the church's thugs but underneath the scoundrel-like behavior, many of the family exude is one unifying trail of unshakable faith. Tanner is assigned to Simon's troop in hopes of keeping the man alive long enough to complete his quest. Fond of drinking and womanizing, Tanner is not what one would expect of a Paladin.

The Mask of the Zombie Lord
There was a time when the Pail Lands crawled with an invading arm from the darklands. The Grim King Voltos Hohen raised an army of Ghouls and fought back against the hordes. The class of the dead versus the eaters of the dead was most likely the most horrific site ever seen in the Pail Lands. In the end Voltos clashed with the Lord of the zombies and claimed his head. Knowing that the temptation would be too much for his children he reluctantly gave the Zombie Lord's Mask (which had the power to create and control zombies) over to the church for safe keeping. The Mask was one of the items stolen from Conical and is feared by both good and evil alike.

Captain Jaette
The seas are full of mystery. For Captian Jaette the allure is all powerful. Combing the seas for adventure and discovery he has uncovered items long lost to history. Hunted for breaking ancient laws Jaette has no fear of using outlawed technology to meet his means. Sooner or later the powers that be will track Jaette down and make him atone for the danger he puts the world in by reintroducing ancient horrors but until then he is planning on having the adventure of a lifetime.

Zombie Amy
Once a talented acrobat, Amy now faces the eternal cold of the reanimated dead. Constantly in danger of loosing her free will, the Zombie lord mask has taken over her body completely and most of her mind. What will happen to this mischievous lady that has been given such a dangerous power?

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