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Bryan | Thu Apr 23 23:11:54 | [61]
Greetings my friends. Jessica informed me that e-mailing pics shrinks them and she was right. At least the e-mail she uses that is. In any case we will have a NENW update tomorrow at about 4 so be hear and enjoy.
Peace out

Ash Evans
Bryan | Sat Apr 11 10:05:52 | [60]
Go visit my new friends site, Ash and I had the chance do do some panels together and she is a wonderful artist that will be really big soon so buy her stuff now and tell people you where in the know early.

Bryan | Sat Apr 11 9:54:01 | [59]
Hello all, I know the fan mentality and everyone in the world is like dragon ball is going to be an atrocity boo hiss. Let me tell ya that movies and comics very rarely should be the same. Heaven help me DBE was a good movie and I had a great time watching it.

Bryan | Sat Apr 4 1:11:38 | [58]
Blarg, I know that NENW hasn’t been properly updated in a while and I want you too know that it is my fault and not the prolific Jessica. I thought I had downloaded her work onto my jump drive but low and behold I have page 7 when I need 5 and 6. Anyway we are on Spring brake so it will be a couple o weeks till this is fixed. You have my apologies. Random comic has a great new batch of comics to be uploaded over the next few weeks so keep cheacki9ng back. In about a month we also have a surprise coming from Alice…. Ohhh what could it be….. Stay tuned. Imagicon this weekend.
Bryan | Tue Mar 24 23:39:47 | [57]
Imagicon in Birmingham AL, will be this weekend and it will rock. If you aren't their then.... Well you don't rock. See you rocking people there.

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