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Bryan | Tue Oct 7 1:38:56 | [42]
Greetings and salutations, I find myself unable too sleep so I will write a little blog. I wish to thank everyone that has been posting about Neo-Earth, it gives me warm fuzzies to think people talk about the book. We are entering a very exciting chapter in the story right now. Expect swashbuckling like you have never seen it. The story is only going to be light hearted for a little while longerÖ. Wnanana! Anyhow I think the fizzy thing in my drink is done and I can drink it now so I bid you good night. Oh and if you arenít reading TZH then correct that immediately. Go Jenny.

Copyright infringement
Bryan | Sun Sep 28 22:18:30 | [41]
The Neo Earth Copyright issues have been resolved, I thank my readers and wish Arbor the best of luck.

Dreamland Chronicles
Bryan | Sun Sep 21 15:19:24 | [40]
Greetings and salutations, I have had the pleasure of making a guest comic for The Dreamland Chronicles. If you havenít read it yet then get out from under your rock and do so right now. I meet Scott at Dragon Con about a year ago and not only is he a great comic producer but a nice guy so go read and enjoy. Also I hope to get NENW back on track soon. Jessica is going to take over the word balloons and Photoshop editing.

Keeping Texas in my prayers ďAmong many other things lately,Ē,
Bryan King

Please allow me to introduce Jessica.
Bryan | Thu Sep 4 20:44:37 | [39]
Greetings and salutations, as Mr. King would say,
Do you know me? No, probably not. But hopefully after this blog, you'll know a little bit about me.
My name is Jessica, and I am 15 years old, which means I'm a sophomore in high school! hooray for high school! but not really! Bryan King is my art teacher(even if i don't have his class this year), and he has given me the opportunity to work on a side story
to Neo-Earth, called N.E.N.W.(i think it means Neo-Earth New World, but not too sure on that)
Mr. King is the coolest teacher a student could ask for. I've only taken his class once(darn schedules!), and I loved every minute of it. Ok. maybe not every minute. He played(that should be "plays") pranks on his students a lot. Including me....Luckily I don't fall for most of his pranks anymore...but every once in a while he gets me on one.
Now enough about him! let's talk about meeeeee!!!
I mostly draw fantasy work and I looooove mermaids! they are so great. mermaids mermaids mermaids blah blah blah. yay! fairies and elves are alright too...and..other mystical things. like uh...YOUR MOMMA. AHAHAHAHAHA....I blame Mr. King for that.
Mediums that I normally use or have worked with are acrylic paints, watercolor, prismacolor pencils, normal roseart/crayola colored pencils, charcoal, sidewalk chalk( too bad i don't have a very good driveway to use it!!),sharpies...and that's all I can think of for now. all traditional mediums because I don't got no dang Photoshop! *sob**sob* But that won't stop me from still using it! sometimes I use it in Mr. King's room and in my Digital Photography class. so it's all good.
I love the old Disney movies,(Little Mermaid all the way!!) but if you make fun of it, I probably won't cry myself to sleep. since Mr. King likes to pick on Disney, I've grown a slight immunity..
As for music...Disney soundtracks! (the good old ones from like the 90s or older!) or any old music pretty much....I can never keep the decades straight, but I listen to a lot of 80s! hooray for the 80s! Thriller, Mr. King! Thriller! hahahhahaa....ah....yeah.
Yes I like anime/manga, japanese junk, but i'm trying not to go crazy with that
I also love to play Dance Dance Revolution!!! hooray!! I own Extreme 2, SuperNOVA , SuperNOVA 2, and a lame playstation Disney DDR game. I'm in the diffucult/expert area as far as difficulty level
Ok, going to wrap it up here.
If you'd like to see some of my work (which is tons times better than the N.E.N.W. comic right now), please, please, PLEASE visit my DeviantART, which can be found here :
Later alligators!

Riddle me this Batman!!!
Bryan | Tue Sep 2 17:41:38 | [38]
Greetings and salutations. I have been neglecting my blog lately and to apologies profusely I am going to attempt to make up for it by reviewing the subjects that matter to the internet community.

First up lets speak of the Iphone. Now back in the day I was hired to watch the Mac Lab at the University of South Alabama. Needless to say that I got to know the Macs. The G4 was a nice machine that provided true dual processing and superior graphics. Word on the street was and is that Macs run smoother and donít brake down as much. Now Iím here to tell you that this is bull. I have friends that work in graphics and have both macs and pc. The pc get used over the macs almost 100% of the time. This summer I was forced to use macs again because of a Masters Class I took. I loved the class but hated the macs. I could go into detail but the truth is I would bore myself. The interface is set up for anal retentive perfectionist that lean a little on the elitist side ďNot that I dislike elitist but thatís another blog.Ē What I do think Mac excels at is being ďCOOL.Ē Besides Bill Gates throwing them a bone so that Microsoft didnít become a monopoly mac has stayed in busyness because of the recent cool factor. Ipods are a mainstream of todayís youth. I know this because I am a high school art teacher. Now we have the Iphone. Way overpriced toy if you ask me but the truth is that he first time I confiscated one ďIím the grim reaper of cell phones,Ē I actually had the kid show me the features. The truth is for all the Iphone shortcomings in price and true functionality, heaven help me itís cool. So with ipod and the Iphone grabbing on to our youth I have to say ingrates Mac. The youth of America has weaned you from Microsoft breast. I know that many viewers will take issue with my views on Mac. I know TMZ may even do a huge story covering the mac vs. pc usersÖ ok maybe not. The point is usually I donít care to hear debates about my views from the general public. The problem is that the internet is a buffer that brings out the worst in people. I would much rather debate my views at a convention where I can meet my debtors. That being said Iíll post any good counterpoints that get emailed to me.

Next we shall talk about webkinz. This is brilliant. Make stuffed animals that you can buy take home adopt then upgradeÖ I have seen way to many people that I respect log in and play with the pathetic excuses that they are doing for their child, little brother, or niece. Donít think itís gone to far the you tube webkinz. This is the devil playing with our need to be part of a community. Disney is doing the same thing with club penguin. Itís like this, the cabbage patch kids where my first experience with the community thing. I saw my friends buying dolls that where for girls. One would assume it was because everyone wanted one but then they would send off this crazy paperwork that let you register your adoption??? I know some people will argue that dolls are not just for girls. I disagree very much. Shame on anyone that confuses there little boy and says itís ok to play with dolls. I used to use my sisters My Little Ponies to give my G.I. Joes a ride into battle, and that was crossing a line. My original point is that the webkinz is building itís own little internet community that feeds on itself to grow bigger. The person that markets this properly for adults will make a fortune. It would have to include Anna Nicole Smith. Iíll let your minds wonder.

P.S. Fear club penguin, penguins are the devils animal.

Stay tuned next week for the great argumentÖ.. Which is superior Myspace or Facebook. Right now I have to check up on some Hero trivia and watch Transformers again.

Later my friend.

Bryan King

The preceding was a riddle, the first person to figure out its meaning gets free art.

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