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Bird mounts!
Bryan | Sun Dec 9 18:12:12 | [22]
Greetings my friends. I have to apologies for not having a game for you to play yet! The game is finished, its fun, but the makers of one special little program wonít fix their registration site so I can not put it online yet!
This week for your viewing pleasure I introduce Radcas mount Diatry. More than a few of my students have accusted me of drawing a Chocabo so I fell obliged to post a website that will show you exactly where I got the idea from.
This toy was in my collection as a child and I always made my other toys ride to battle on it. One would assume that the chocabos are based on it seeing that it was a real creature.
That about does it for this week. If I cant get the game up and running on the site look for a downloadable version within a week or two.
Later my friends,
Bryan King

Game ready, Latin translators, and groovy artist.
Bryan | Sun Dec 2 12:25:04 | [21]
Hello my friends, I have had a very nice week. The game play tested very well with the kids and should be going up very shortly if not already. I am going to give everyone a little while to get used to it then host a tournament at Three Alarm Comics. It would seem that anyone that can break 200 would have a chance at winning it but I have seen a score of 1313 by my friend Jason. I assure you this is a crazy score but he is very smart. I spent Friday painting a Magnolia of all things, but I donít thing I will be posting it.
This weeks comic has some groovy Latin in it. If you feel like emailing your friends in Latin I have provided a link to the Translator I used.

Before I go I would like to send you to my friend Lindaís myspace. She was one of the budding artist I meet at college and these days her work is not only top notch but she is controversial! Well by deep south standards that is. Leave her a message and let her know how groovy she is. I like the mermaid myself.

Later my friends

Stock parties, New Neo Earth game, and Romanian names.
Bryan | Sun Nov 25 14:19:00 | [20]
Greetings my friend. I realize I have neglected my blog lately but with good reason. I have been all over the place land doing some cool stuff. I would like to first mention Lindsay Archers Stock party.
It was a wonderful time and you have to check out these great pics. The locations where beautiful and the models where top notch. I was temped to drop the camera and dress up in all the wonderful outfits everyone brought. Linz is planning next years and a highly recommend getting in on it.
My latest obsession has been a game called Protectors of Neo Earth or simply P.O.N.E. I have not been able to sleep most nights over my thanksgiving brake because of this game but it is now completed. It will be web based and highly addictive so you can visit the site daily to try to beat your top score. itís a great way to waste time at work. I am going to let my students play test it but hopefully it will be up by next week.
Oh I almost forgot to send you a great link to Romanian names. It will help out if you want to know what each of the necro brothers names mean.
Later my Friends.

Im going to be a Konami Artist Woot Woot!.... Kinda.
Bryan | Sat Oct 27 23:23:53 | [19]

I remember playing contra for hour with my little sister Michelle. It was one of the few games that she enjoyed and it was great fun spending time with her killing aliens. Now Contra is famous for two things, Crazy kill count and the Konami code. Even decades later the code is revered!!! It was a special day when I finished a game to realize I hadnít gone below my 30 men. In fact I had gained some men while playing. Never does a boy feel more like a man than when he finishes Contra without dying at all! Ok that may not be true but it is still an defining moment. In any case my good friend found out that they are bringing the Contra world to a cell phone near you. Even better is the fact that they had an art contest to be in the game. I of course could not resist. My creation was true to the Konami way. I copied my favorite movie actors and had Project 0 AKA Jonathan Kruger. The thing is Konami is famous for borrowing from movies. I highly recommend following this link for some game history groovy ness.

Long story short, I did not win the contestÖ. But I did make top 20. The art is going to be in the games gallery and our names are supposed to be in the credits. I know this is a small thing but it gives me warm fuzzes to be part of a childhood obsession. If you are so inclined you can see the winners here.

Stock Party 2007
Lindsay Archer is hosting the first Stock Party 07, I can not say enough good things about Lindsay and her husband Trenton. They are some of my favorite con people now and I am sure that the Party will be a blast. So Grab your camera and your model and head here for the details.

Groovy art
Bryan | Mon Oct 15 8:18:52 | [18]
Greetings my friends,
The action is heating up and we are about to see our first cured artifact in action. I would like to thank Necronomicon for showing my wife and I such a good time. We had a blast.
Perusing the net I ran across the official D&D art galleries.
I can spend enormous amounts of time looking threw art and the D&D pics have always been a personal favorite. I remember doing a panel discussion on art in New Orleans once. It was Sunday and I was barely awake. I fumble to the table and a very nice gentleman introduces himself as Larry. He was very friendly and dressed excellently. The panel starts and the audience ask general art questions for about ten minutes. All of a sudden one of the guest ask Larry what it was like to work for TSR for so long. I actually made a primitive grunt as a realized I was sitting next to Larry Elmore, whom I have worshiped since childhood. If you are not familiar with his work you should be ashamed of yourself and correct it.
Mr. Elmore is one of the nicest and coolest guys in the busyness. His talents are also manifold as some found out after hours at Dragon Con this year as he sang at a Karaoke bar. I have nothing more to say for now!
Later my friends,
Bryan King

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