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Help make a talented young artist have a sweet 16.
Bryan | Wed Mar 11 0:22:26 | [56]
Aright my peoples. Jessica is kicking rear on the comic again and I can not be happier. I found out that she is turning 16 this weekend and she mentioned on her Deviant blog that she was shooting for 10,000 hits before Sat. I would consider it a personal favor if you visited her gallery and passed the word along so that a talented young artist could get her wish to come true on her 16th birthday. I thank you for your time and thank you for the help. Her gallery is at.

Bryan King

Bryan | Thu Feb 19 22:55:47 | [55]
Alright people this is the real deal. NENW is back on track, Jessica has revamped her art style and I have to say she is awesome. We have both a new NENW cover and a new Random from the creative genius Alice Wise. As some of you have noticed we have joined Palace in the Sky and I couldnít be more pleased. Truly a great group of creators.

Mature Art!!!
Bryan | Mon Feb 9 0:17:50 | [54]
I donít get on online debates because lets face it, there is no point. I will however state my opinion and recently I have read about one too many people crying about their art being labeled mature on deviant art. Get over it people. This last example pushed me over the edge. It was an antro cat girl in panties with nipple exposed licking herselfÖ. Now this person had the gall to complain it was unfairÖ.. Are you stupid? Thatís close to a perfect example of ďmature.Ē Give me a brake. Complain about deviants views on tracing or any number of legit problems but if you draw sexy women tied up, half naked, or bloody as h*ll donít complain about a mature rating. Worst yet this guysí, mindless followers are rallying to him! Itís almost as bad as the professionals who are offended because someone makes a comment without reading their entire body of work. ďI answered this question on my profile WAh Boo.Ē Let me fill ya in sweetheart, you arenít important enough for someone to research before asking a simple question. Now you may ask King, why donít you confront them? Truth be told when I meet people at conventions that I donít agree with then I will but online there is no point.
I have some great news this week, Jessica will be starting up NENW at look for post on Fridays. Also it looks like I am going to have a little space in FHM magazine. Happy days! Iíll keep you all posted on that.

I will be invincible until my work is done,
Bryan King

Farewell to the candle in the final frontier.
Bryan | Fri Dec 19 19:45:27 | [53]
I am sorry to hear that Mrs. Majel Roddenberry has passed away. Behind every great man is a great woman and Mrs. Roddenberry is a shining example of that. May she find eternal peace this Christmas.

Pirate Vs. Ninja
Bryan | Tue Dec 16 13:04:47 | [52]
Itís pirate vs. ninja time. I know that no matter what people will be pissed at the outcome of this fight. Does the travel hardened pirate prevail or the farm raised ninja? As a trained martial artist I have found that style doesnít play as much into winning a fight as much as the dedication to training. A ninja would seem to have more discipline but pirates traditionally have better weapons. Oh what a conundrum. I have read the popular literature on the subject but I would love to hear readersí thoughts on the outcome of this fight.

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