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Resident Evil Degeneration
Bryan | Thu Dec 11 2:17:33 | [50]
Greetings my friends, Alrighty, Lets talk zombies. Now I know that we have passed the zombie book in Neo-Earth but this is pop culture blog day thingy so. Resident Evil Degeneration. The animated movie has been released to the net and I am here to tell you it rocks on high. It plays off our common fear of terrorism and follows the events after Raccoon city. Leon is the man and I can not stress that enough. My loving wife was on night shift when I watched it and I have to say it was more than a little unnerving. My big chicken of a dog was with me so that helped a little. I have had reoccurring nightmares since I was a little child about zombies but for some reason I continue to watch them. I remember seeing the Mummy returns, that is the black and white one. Halfway threw the movie the mummy grabs a young woman in a tent and at that moment I am hosted off the ground and shook like a rag doll by my father whom had snuck up on me. It was one of the top 5 scariest moments of my life. I donít know why zombies do it for me, maybe its something about your neighbors coming to eat you. Itís time for me to get to bed. I hope you enjoy Aliceís comic this week its crazy cool and we should be back on track with NENW after the holidays. Jessica showed me page 3 of the revamp and itís looking great. Until next time keep the doors locked and the undead at bay!!!

p.s. I wonít give you a link too the movie but itís on Zulu. Enjoy and buy it when itís released to support Capcom.

Bryan | Sun Dec 7 19:17:56 | [49]
Greetings and salutations. Iíd like to talk briefly about todayís page, it opens up Neo-Earth to a much broader fantasy spectrum. Until now NE has had a medieval feel but the truth of the matter is that itís in the future. The Maíat counsel that is mentioned is inspired by the Egyptian God of balance, truth, and justice. The Maíat counsel is set up to keep magical use and technology separate on earth. The reason that earth doesnít have magic at our point in time is that in the past it was abused and simple decided to leave earth. When it returned you could imagine the craziness. Actually you can read about it in NENW. I have a link to more info on Maíat for your reading pleasure here.

Later my friends,
Bryan King

Star Trek, the next casting.
Bryan | Wed Dec 3 23:52:41 | [48]
As an self respecting geek would know we are in store for a new and fresh Star Trek That being said it is impossible to please everybody so controversy blooms right off the bat. Shatner even got on you tube and talked directly too Abrem about not being offered a part in the film. truth be told there is no reason to bring him back. It would have just been fan service and thatís not helping anyone. Picard was a better captain anyway. Abrams response can be seen here. The next controversy I wish to talk about is the fact that fans went crazy when they saw the enterprise being constructed on earth. Apparently it is known that the construction took place in space and a 0 g environment is needed for certain calibrationsÖ.. Now look here. I realize that Trek is largely for people that love hard science but this movie is going to bring a new generation on board and some artistic license is ok in my book. I really donít care if the science is 100% firm I just want to enjoy the movie. I mean they shotgun around a planet and go back in time!!!! Come on now. Ask your girlfriends if they care about the ship being constructed on earth and see what they say. If you donít have one to ask then you can see where your empirical logic has gotten you. Anyway enough talk, if you havenít seen the trailer yet then just click away and enjoy.

Also look forward to some artwork by the end of the day from the fabulous Alice Wise. She is just as talented an artist as a martial artist so look out!!!

Monk Fish
Bryan | Sun Nov 30 21:45:57 | [47]

Greetings and salutations my friends,

This has been an exciting thanksgiving for me. I was able to see friends and family and still get a ton of work done. I spent the last 6 hours sanding a rock.... It's for my sculptor class. When I finish it I will have too post pictures. In NE news we should have NENW up and running this Thursday and if not then Next week for sure. Jessica is about 4 comics ahead so we shouldn't see a missed day after we get rolling, Also I am trying to figure out the full abilities of my blog software so hopefully it can become a thing of might and power. I will be posting regular Monday NE related news and a Thursday geekdome news blog. We will talk about roleplaing, comics, movies, and other random things people should know about. If I can get the pics too work I will also be posting Fridays random art blog. I have some wonderfully comics to post from some of my students. Now back on track. I want to discuss the monk fish seen in book 4 page 5 of Neo-Earth. As many of you know I make it a point to use creatures that have real life counterparts, that is to say that at some time somewhere someone believed they existed. These little buggers can be read about online here. I took a certain amount of liberty with the design most likely they where giant squid but I feel they work. Not only have they been seen around Denmark and Poland but they made their way into church history. A similar creature called a Bishop Fish was taken to Catholic Bishops whom kindly released it. the 1500s seemed to be a great time for Monkfish sightings. Who knows maybe their war class will attack the coastline in response to our horrible pollution of the sea.....

Next week we will discus the other aquatic nasty that have shown up in book 4. Thursdays update will be about Star Trek, where it's going and where it's been. I should warn you though I am a much bigger fan of Star Wars. In the meantime make sure that you click on the WCL pic below and vote for us. I have a delightful 3d rendering of a Neo-Earth Golem to show you for your efforts. I'm trying to make the top 10 this month so a vote daily would be much appreciated. Also I will update the 3D pic once a week.


Later my friends,

Bryan King

OMG Technology in Neo Earth
Bryan | Mon Nov 24 17:32:19 | [43]
Greetings my friends, I am taking this thanksgiveing brake to catch up on blogs and promotions. I realize that introducing technology into Neo-Earth seems like a big risk but to be honest it's been part of the world from creation so bear with me and have faith that it makes seance in the long run. Starting next Monday expect blog updates on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Tuesdays will be related to the comics and Wednesdays to fandom in general. Also I would like to say that Jessica's revamp of her comic looks amazing and we will start posting the new stuff shortly.

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