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Mobi Con
Bryan | Fri May 18 6:06:13 | [7]
The time has come. To speak of Mobi things! Mobi Con is today I am am stoked. My buddy Steve Scott will be there whom helped to take me from good to unprofessional "I am talking about my Duke Nukem abilities." I have a new system of packing witch should help out a lot. Mobi Con is in Mobile Al so if you can make it do because it is a very fun little con. I will be selling 5 new art prints and have the comic pages unmolested by word balloons to show.
Later my friends.

Some of my favorite places.
Bryan | Thu May 10 21:03:42 | [6]
There is way to much going on this week to create a good blog. Between a great possible new job, wedding plans, school ending, and three games that are calling me my mind is spent. I will however post a few of my weekly haunts.
I think that about does it.

Later my friends.
Bryan King

Larp + Ren Fair = Poor planing
Bryan | Mon Apr 30 22:38:17 | [5]
Greetings and salutations. I am a bit of an amateur armor maker. My pride and joy is a helmet modeled after the Hound from A Game of Thrones. I enjoy a good fair or LARP event as much as the next guy. What I don't understand though is why the LARP always falls on the same days as conventions and ren fairs. Its a moot point anyways. This weekend looks to be another busy yet fun one. I get to go to a crayfish boil Sat. Its the third one this year and thats not nearly enough.
I finally cut my grass today. Now you may be thinking whats the big deal. Well I have five acres of wilderness untamed so it took some creativity. My dogs had a great time though. They kept running back and forth from the woods searching for the illusive rabbits. You would be surprised how far a mutt can get into a rabbit hole and still make it back out.
I hope you enjoy this weeks comic. It introduces a very important support character that would warrant his own book had I only the time. I am excited about the next few pages because they set the tone for the series. Stay tuned my friends.

Is it already tuesday.
Bryan | Wed Apr 25 1:20:57 | [4]
Mon was fairly busy and I did not get a chance to blog! The weekend flew by as it has a tendency to do. Monica informed me that we are booked all threw may. Ding a little more research on the calender shows this to be misleading. It would seem that we are booked in fact threw June as well. My life is never boring and for that I am actually great full. My art student seem to be on edge lately but this could be because we only have 4 more weeks until summer. I am here to tel you that if you think kids look forward to the brake than you just don't know about the teachers. Thursday I will be giving away most of the puppies that my dog Melue had. They are very cute and will be greatly missed. That is all for now. Later my friends

Gods in his heaven and all is write with the world.
Bryan | Mon Apr 16 22:28:08 | [3]
I officially got engaged today and I am very very happy. Monica looks lovely in her ring. I am very much looking forward to sharing the rest of my life with her and experiencing things as partners. Now that, that has been said its time to talk of war. I and many of my friends enjoy miniature gaming. I would have to guess it started with risk and progressed from there. Lately we have been playing a weekly War Machine campaign and I have to tell you its a blast. I started off running the campaign, but my much more talented friend Bon has since taken over. The new models Privater Press has come out with tugs at me both creatively and financially. This weeks comic is one of my personal favorites. I know what you are thinking. There have only been three comics! Well I am here to tell you that I actually stay quite a bit ahead of myself and the rest are amazing but this one a little more so than the rest. It's 9:34 p.m. and I am getting over a chest cold so I am off to bed now. Later my friends.

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