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Bryan | Mon Apr 21 21:28:17 | [27]
Greetings and salutations my friends. It’s time to play catch up a little. In last weeks comic we got a look at the creation of a possessed knight. This is the same knight that’s in P.O.N.E. the game. I have heard that P.O.N.E. is acting funny on some peoples computers and I apologies for that. When time permits I will be addressing the issues as best I can. In any case the knight is in transformation and the pop is about to hit the fan. I stay roughly a month ahead of myself on art and I am loving the look of the knight. I meant to use him for this book only but he may show up off and on as a support character.
I have some links for you today. The first is a horror movie music video link.
Its awesome. I started playing the songs and some 20 years after the fact I remember all the lyrics. Growing up I looked forward to Horror movies like most kids look forward to Christmas. Saturday night was for drawing and staying up till my eyes bleed watching scary shows.
This link takes us to the wonderful artist Billy Tackett. Billy is not only an amasing artist but one of the few people that get my love of Horror. Go dig on his paintings, you will be glad you did.

The next link is to my friend James. I meet him at Omega Con this year and I have to tell ya he’s going to be big one day soon.

Finally we come to the Queen herself Lindsey Archer. Her new Dragon Lance artwork is superb and worth the time to go see an ogle but…..her blog on Orphan Works Bill is a must see for any artist.

That’s all for now my friends,
Bryan King

deviant art
Bryan | Sun Apr 13 21:04:09 | [26]
Greetings and salutations, I have just killed the weekend doing a mega Deviant Art update so if you want to take a peak at some new previews and some really old art head on over and let me know what you think.

Later my friends
Bryan King

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The true King is dead!
Bryan | Thu Mar 6 0:03:54 | [25]
Its kind of funny. The older I get the less things seem to affect me. The highs and lows of life seem to be less extreme. That’s why when I heard Gary Gygax had passed away on Tuesday and I felt truly sad, it surprised me. Mr. Gygax was the co creator of Dungeons and Dragons. Some of my fondest memories growing up were of hanging out with my friends and playing some campaigns. What people don’t understand is that it’s a social event. You don’t have fun because of the amazing graphics you have fun because of your company.
I was fortunate to hear Mr. Gygax speak at one of the local conventions and it was a very positive experience. Charisma is a hard thing to explain but an easy thing to feel. In “The Biz” its easy to run across two dimensional people. Gary Gygax not only came off as a nice guy but also brilliant. He was captivating and relevant all these years after his major success.
My friends sent out the word of his unfortunate death right away and many of the popular web comics are signing in but I had to blog my two cents. Go check out this site.

On a side note I would also like you to go visit it’s a comic about zombie hunters, um it’s called Zombie Hunters. The creator Jenny was kind enough to let me cameo one of her characters in the background of my book. Go visit her and love the book.
Later my friends,
Bryan King

Bryan | Tue Feb 19 0:33:58 | [24]
Greetings and salutations,
Book three is in full swing and I have some great news. Web Game Builder has come threw and I will be able to put my game protectors of Neo Earth up soon. It will be free to play and I will be hosting game turnies on the Ms, Gulf Coast. I have talked with my friend Scott of Three Alarm comics fame and he has agreed to let me host competitions there.

I realize that Mardi Gras and the entire Carnival thing isn’t something that’s statewide. I grew up takeing the experience for granet and felt a little education could be rewarding and insightful for my readers. For a quick history lesson please visit.
I really like the way the carnival fits into the story. I haven’t named the church that Simon works for because it would limit my storytelling. It does however have highly catholic themes simple because I am catholic and its what I know.

Its getting late and I have a long day tomorrow “Karate Rank Test Woot,” So I bid you good night. Don’t let the Zombies bite. Wahahaha!

King out.

Bryan | Tue Feb 12 22:26:44 | [23]
Greetings and salutations. I have started book 3 and I have to tell you Zombies are fun to draw. I have had the zombie story in mind from day one and couldn’t wait any longer to tell it. My first inclination for this blog was to write all about zombie mythos vr. Movie misconceptions, But I figures since wiki has done so already I would just give you a link.
I would like to briefly explain the Neo_Earth Zombies that are in this book. They are soulless but retain limited skills that they had in life. A bite from the Zombie is just that, a bite. In order to be turned into this particular breed of zombie they have to breath the green dust into your mouth or nose. The dust comes from real history of a powder made from blowfish. Animals can be changed as easily as humans.
Now on to our final order of busyness. Neo-Earth book 1 will have a limited print run that can be purchased from me at conventions. The next con will be OmegaCon March 14-16, in Birmingham, AL. Go check out there page. This may be the first OmegaCon but they have been promoting it with a vengeance and my money is on it being great. That is all for now.
Later my friends,

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